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GHG Advisory


GHG emissions are quickly becoming a defining issue for organizations today. Strategies, decisions, and mode of operations are influenced by the impact of GHG emission strategies. The challenges setting strategies that meet organizations’ GHG requirements, determining project feasibility for now and the foreseeable future, accessing risk and management of those risks in terms of the GHG regime, monitoring and evaluating GHG emission reductions and turning those reductions into a marketable asset require a clear vision. BalanceCO2 has international presence and depth in the GHG emission reductions environment providing the services organizations need to guide themselves through this new and challenging environment.

Feasibility Assessments

Feasibility of any project has to be accurately determined not only for the current conditions but also for the foreseeable future. The feasibility of a project is affected by many factors. One has to minimally consider where the project is feasible based on • Technological feasibility • Financial feasibility • Implementation issues Getting past the technological feasibility sometimes at first seems easy, however often further down the path, obstacles prevent a technology from being implemented. Adding to the complexity of GHG projects, are the numerous registry regimes that a project may have the option to partake in. If the regime is fixed then what are the local conditions which your project must meet to qualify as a viable project? With the regulatory requirements changing or being now being created throughout the world, BalanceCO2 has the international experience to determine if your project is feasible with the myriad of complexities that are possibility going to be a barrier. And finally, if your project has marketable emission reduction credits which one of the regimes will offer you the best price on using which market mechanism. The present environmental conditions have prompted extra stress testing required to have a sound business proposition.

Market Capitalization

Trading of Environmental Assets is a specialized field which needs continuous monitoring of world events and policy decisions. BalanceCO2 continually monitors the world events with its local reach in three continents. Not only do you need to be keenly aware of the environmental marketplace, understanding the technological implications and how they influence the marketplace takes technical knowledge. Our Environmental Engineering knowledge, the base of all our operations, provides the necessary technical background for taking sound market decisions.

Strategy and Policy

No matter the size of your organization, you will be affected by GHG regulations is some way. There is, of course the obvious direct impact of regulations, which for each organization the quantification of that impact will differ. Strategy and policy requirements will be different for those organizations which are directly impacted. Working with BalanceCO2, your organizations can set a course that will best meet your regulatory requirements. During the process, consideration of indirect requirements should be considered. Those may include organization image and internal promotion and awareness. Even for those organizations that have few, if any, regulatory requirements, a GHG strategy and policy implementation will clarify your organizations’ position to clients and staff. Thus assuring a clear, thought-out policy is communicated.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring may be a defined process for your GHG mitigation activity in theory but difficult to practice. Failure to properly monitor your emission reduction can result in loss of credits with no chance of recovery. Some surveys have shown that almost 30% of all registered projects under the UNFCCC CDM regime do not deliver the expected credits because of lack of monitoring activities. Failure to properly monitor and evaluate emission reductions can turn a financially feasible project into an economic disaster. Best action is avoidance. BalanceCO2 can develop a monitoring program that meets the regimes monitoring requirements. When unforeseen circumstances occur during the monitoring process, some causes are repairable. But those repairs take creative thinking and complete knowledge awareness of the regime the monitoring program is being implemented under and extended knowledge of other regimes that may allow for qualification. BalanceCO2 can offer an opinion on corrective action or alternatives. Once gathering all the monitoring information, evaluation for regulatory reporting requirements can be a challenge when your organization is not familiar with GHG emission reporting requirements. BalanceCO2 works with clients to produce the reports required by regulatory bodies and stay up to date on those ever changing requirement.

Risk Management

Risk Management in the broader sense is performed by Legal Advisory firms. GHG risk management has some specifics unique unto itself. Clear understanding of the regimes, associated registries and where and how carbon based assets are recognized around the world in its own is a challenge.

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